Primary Care

At Simmons Veterinary Clinic, we provide outpatient care to create a safe and calm, yet playful environment so we can maximize our face-to-face time with you and your pet.

We offer an array of services ranging from urgent care, animal behavior consultations and pet wellness exams with vaccinations to elective dental and surgical procedures. And we are equipped with AI-powered in-house laboratory and imaging diagnostic equipment to produce immediate and accurate medical information.

pet wellness exams urgent care surgery dentistry behavior


Pet wellness exams with a collaborative approach to preventative healthcare that is tailored to your pet’s age, health status, and behavioral wellbeing


Emphasis on animal behavior to assess your pet’s emotional status through Fear-Anxiety-Stress (FAS) scores, provide gentle handling and behavioral interventions

veterinary radiograph x-ray

Diagnostic Imaging

High-tech imaging modalities including abdominal ultrasound as well as standard and intra-oral radiography (x-ray) to facilitate a thorough medical workup

Zoetis veterinary laboratory diagnostics

Laboratory Diagnostics

Comprehensive suite of in-house veterinary diagnostic services to produce immediate and accurate results so we can address your pet’s medical concerns in person

veterinary dentistry simmons veterinary clinic


Special emphasis on preventative oral healthcare including prophylactic and surgical care to ensure your pet’s mouth stays healthy and clean

surgery simmons veterinary clinic


Top-notch surgical and anesthetic equipment to handle various outpatient procedures such as spays, neuters, mass removals and abdominal procedures

urgent care simmons veterinary clinic

Acute Care

Appointment blocks available each weekday exclusively for your pet’s unexpected healthcare needs

veterinary telemedicine simmons veterinary clinic


Ability to schedule convenient check-ups, rechecks, and drop-off appointments with our staff from anywhere