Innovative and Kind
Veterinary Healthcare

What if we told you that a high-tech veterinary healthcare facility could be designed and operated in such a way that you and your pet could actually have fun?

At Simmons Veterinary Clinic we offer Decatur an animal hospital that prioritizes playful, gentle and familiar interactions. That’s why we designed our clinic to feel like home.  And it’s why we equipped our facility with technologies that reduce animal stress while providing top-notch care.

Location and History

Located in the City of Decatur’s Old Depot District (O.D.D.), Simmons Veterinary Clinic lives inside a historic two-story Georgian House with plenty of on-site parking. Feel free to make yourself at home! Come rock on our front porch, curl up by the fireplace or hang in our cozy cat corner while we get your room ready!

Virtual Tour

The “back” of an animal hospital can be such a mystery. Let’s change that! Please click through our slideshow and check out our lobby, dedicated treatment space, and diagnostic lab downstairs. Additionally, you’ll see our advanced surgical, dental, radiology suites upstairs, and our awesome backyard!

Exam Rooms

Each exam room is designed with your pet’s comfort in mind, from the cozy house-like aesthetics to the spacious interiors to the Fear Free® color palette and cat climbing walls.

High-Tech Equipment
High-Impact Healthcare

Casco Pet

Safe, hygienic and comfortable
new-age glass front kennels with lighting, heating and cooling

High-definition X-Ray table
that quietly lifts for maximum
patient comfort and stability

Revolutionary AI diagnostic
machine for blood smears,
digital cytology and fecal tests

Human medical grade
high-definition ultrasound

Lightweight, portable, wireless
high-definition X-Ray unit for
efficient intraoral imaging

Wireless handheld ultrasound
unit with iOS connectivity and
cloud image storage